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'Hawthorns has a great restaurant. If you like your food a little bit different, spicy and exciting it is unmissable. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, the food is fresh and all prepared on the premises, it's like going round to a friends house for dinner (If that friend is a really good cook!) Simon is a great chef he is not afraid to experiment so there is always something new alongside a core menu of his 'classic' dishes. The prices on food and drink are very reasonable and the portions generous. Altogether very highly recommended, every time we have visitors they always want to eat at Hawthorns.'
Andrew Borman

'I stayed at this hotel in June as my wife and I were on holiday and needed somewhere to stay before and after going to the festival. The staff were terrific, they saw to our every need and no job was enough - they even held on to the belongings that we did not need to carry with us while we were at Worthy Farm. The room was extremely comfortable, the bathroom spacious and everything was clean and rather rustic, we will definitely be back again next year. We ate at the restaurant once and had a very nice curry, admittedly the beer was bottled but we had no complaints about the choice or quality. This review does consider both the hotel and restaurant and not just the bar, but this is a great place to stay and have a curry and bottle of badger before hitting the High St.'
Dan Raywood

'I spent a weekend in the Hawthorns. I found the rooms to be very clean and comfortable. We then tried the curry which we found to be the best we have ever had. The staff were very friend and made us feel welcome. We have already booked a room for a weekend soon and can't wait to go back and have another curry.'

'The first thing I notice was the great relaxed vibe that the Hawthorns has, its just so welcoming. The room we stayed in was clean and comfortable with every thing we would need. Thing just got better when we talked staff, then where all very helpful and friendly which just confirmed that we had to eat there too. There is a huge range of dishes, I don't think any one couldn't find something they would like, when we got are food we were surprised at the size of the portion, even with that said we eat everything because it was THAT GOOD. Well worth a visit, best place in town due to the food, atmosphere and the welcoming staff. The Hawthorns isn’t a place to miss on a visit to Glastonbury.'
Thomas Browne

'I'd never really liked curry until I tried one of the curries from the Hawthorns, it was absolutely amazing. There was far too much to choose from, the rest of the menu sounded brilliant too, I will defiantly be going back for another meal. The atmosphere was really relaxed and friendly, staff were welcoming and helpful, I stayed for a drink after I had eaten and really enjoyed chatting to them.'

'The curries here are fab and we had the best pickle tray we have ever eaten it was beautiful. Staff very friendly and willing to give recommendations. Quite homely sort of place.'
North Yorkshire Kim

'I have stayed at the Hawthorns for the past few years. I keep coming back because for me, it is the best place to stay in Glastonbury. The staff are very down to earth and friendly. The restaurant and the bar has a magical atmosphere, and there is always an outstanding menu on offer, with a superb selection of wines. I always pick from the special curry menu. Simon is well known for his curries, and I am a big fan of them. Truly outstanding. Staying at the Hawthorns is one of the highlights of my visit to The Isle of Avalon.'
Kevin Dean

'We stayed in The Hawthorns for 4 days in July 08 and I have to say the food has to be the best we ever had. Curries were out of this world and we were glad that our stay included a Thursday because that's when the chef goes all out and produces curries from all over the world. We were visiting Argentina on the curry club Summer tour so we had a fantastic buffet with 5 dishes, 2 meat, 2 veg and a fish, so all 4 of us were thrilled with this experience and will be going back next year for sure.'

'Hawthorns is a small, funky, casual place, and immediately upon entry we knew we had made the right choice. My husband ordered the Jandaloo Murghi (chicken), and I had the Balti Gosht (lamb) from the daily curry board just outside the dining room. We each thought we had the best meal. Servings were generous so we had no room for dessert. If we ever get back to England, we will definitely return to Glastonbury and Hawthorns.'

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